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Lost Plot Bunnies of the House Fandom
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House MD plot bunnies that need adopting can be dropped off here to get good homes.
This community will be a sanctuary (as Usomitai put it) for plot bunnies that you have given up on, don't have time to work on, or what have you. Throw them in a post, as an idea, as a sentence, or whatever you have already written for someone else to adopt and finish.

All ratings are welcome. If you are dropping off an idea, or parts of a fic that are explicit, please put the explicit bits behind a cut. If you don't know how to do this, please ask and someone will help you.

All pairings, gen, crossover or any variety of fic is welcome here. This isn't a place to start or continue ship wars or personal vendettas. Childish, rude behavior will not be tolerated. You don't like someone's idea or plot bunny, skip over it, no need to comment.

Please in the subject line of your post indicate the pairing if there is one, rating as well.

I would ask that people credit the source of a plot bunny if they adopt one and finish it as well as dropping the community a note to let us know a plot bunny has grown up and where we could find it.

More to come, but this is a start.


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